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“Gloves for a Cat”, “Gloves for a Deer”, “Gloves for a Pig”, “Gloves for a Rabbit” and “Gloves for a Coyote” are part of a series of gloves made to fit different animals. By hand-sewing these gloves from the animals’ own skins, I draw attention to our use of animals as commodities, our own evolutionary history and the fine line between attraction and repulsion.

Comparative study of the skeletons of the upper/front limbs of a salamander, a sea turtle, a crocodile, a bird, a bat, a whale, a mole and a human.

Animal Gloves (detail)
Animal Gloves (detail)
Gloves for a Cat

bobcat skin, thread

Gloves for a Deer

deer skin, thread

Gloves for a Pig

pig skin, thread

Gloves for a Rabbit

rabbit skin, thread

Gloves for a Coyote

coyote skin, thread

Animal Gloves (2009)

wood, glass, steel, leather, fur, thread